Locking and unlocking your Altro Smart Lock

Locking and unlocking your Altro Smart Lock

There are different ways to lock and unlock your Altro Smart lock:
  1. Access Code: The Altro Smart lock comes with an embedded smart touch keypad. The touch keypad comes live and gets illuminated when user long presses the doorbell button for more than 3 seconds. Once the touch keypad is active, using the 4-10 digit secure Passcode, the Altro Smart lock can be unlocked.
  2. During Video Doorbell/Live call: When any visitor arrives at the door, a quick gentle press on the doorbell symbol over Altro Smart lock sends the incoming one-way video and two-way audio notification call to the Altro Smart lock owner/s. On receiving, while in the call, Altro Smart owner can lock or unlock the door using the Altro Smart app.
  3. Auto-lock: If the feature enabled on the Altro Smart app, the Altro Smart lock is locked automatically after set duration when unlocked. More details here
  4. Auto-Unlock: Altro Smart Lock will automatically unlock for users who have enabled auto-unlock when they reach withi5  meters of the lock. More details here.
  5. Manual Knob: Using the interior knob provided, with an easy turn, the Altro Smart lock can be locked or unlocked from inside.
  6. Button Press: Long pressing the doorbell button when lock is in unlocked state, the Altro Smart lock can be locked from outside.

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