How to create Owner/Guest level access of your Altro Smart lock?

How to create Owner/Guest level access of your Altro Smart lock?

If you are the owner of your Altro Smart lock, you can create Guest level access or Owner level access for a visitor.

From the Altro Smart app, tap on “Users” and from the Users screen, you can create Owners or Guest.

Once any Owner or Guest is created, they will get the instructions on their provided registered email id to download the Altro Smart app and use it.

Any Owner created will have following access through the Altro Smart app:
  • able to lock/unlock via app and keypad
  • able to see activity and guest list
  • able to invite/revoke other owners and guests
  • able to use auto-unlock feature
Any Guest created will have following access through the Altro Smart app:
  • only able to lock/unlock via app and keypad
What are the Guest level access can be created?
  • Always – Guests will have unlimited access, but the owner can change or delete their access at any time.
  • Recurring – Guests will have a scheduled access that repeats. i.e. guests will be invited every week day week days or specific for a specific period of time.
  • Timed – Guests will have a limited period of time that expires. i.e. guests will have access for the lock to the specified date and time you have selected.

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